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Software Development

Software development focuses on the needs of corporations and their internal business practices.

Many companies cannot find commercially available and off the shelf solutions to their highly specific needs. Clevyr works with businesses of various sizes, from pre-revenue to many billions in revenue to analyze their challenges, evaluate pathways to success, create a plan, and implement a custom solution. Read the case study to learn how we accomplished this with TEAM Clinics.

Case Study

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Mobile and Web App

Collectively, our diverse team has decades of experience building and maintaining Apple, Android, and other app based solutions. Additionally, our team designs, builds, and maintains websites and web applications for dozens of clients. Common web applications include Client Portals, Intranets, Integrated Management Dashboards, among many others.

Case Study

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Many entrepreneurs dream of creating brilliant and disruptive new products. While they have the vision and finances, they often times need a technical partner to assist in the creation of this product.

Clevyr’s senior management team provides consultative services for Startups and Enterprises who are imagining the next wave of disruptive technology.

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Cloud Services

Many companies struggle to understand what it means to operate in the cloud, if the transition to the cloud is right for them, and how it all works. Whether you need API creation and integration, hosting services, DevOps, or subject matter experts for consultation, Clevyr’s experts have done it all.

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