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TEAM Clinics

Case Study

You’re at work. You get a call from the school that your kid is sick. What are you gonna do?

A couple of years ago, that’s a question Trevor Nutt set out to solve.

“For two hours one night I listened to Oklahoma school principals describe student health care problems in the public school system,” says the TEAM Clinics CEO.

“I decided that someone needed to serve those kiddos, help them be healthier, help out the nurses, get them in front of providers.”

Trevor imagined a platform that would augment the school nurse.

By patching in physicians and parents to collaborate on the student’s care, allow doctors to consult, evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe...all via a secure platform right in the nurse’s office, Trevor imagined a platform that would augment the school nurse.

So he did his research.

Trevor talked to everyone he knew, collected a list of software developers, and narrowed it down.

“I spent hours with all of them,” he says.

What made Clevyr stand out?

"Clevyr 'got it.' Their culture fit us"

“Other groups could have made the product, that wasn’t a problem,” he says. “But Clevyr ‘got it.’ Their culture fit us.

They’re laid back, but there’s also an intense focus on the product being excellent. They were jazzed up about it – they thought it was cool.”

“Well we did think it was cool, TEAM Clinics really had their act together. And that made it easy for us.” — Aaron Krauss Clevyr Sr Software Engineer

Not that there was a ready-made, off-the-shelf application they could just plug in and go. TEAM Clinics’s requirements were complex: from the fact that the entire application – from registration to communication to e-signature stuff – had to be text-based, to the legal and compliance issues inherent in transferring mass amounts of personal data, to the need for

multiple layers of permissions and entry points for all kinds of users.

Together, Aaron and the Clevyr development team found a sweet spot of platforms – including Vue’s framework, Laravel’s server setup, and Twilio’s API – that brought all those requirements together seamlessly.

But it would take more than servers and software to make TEAM Clinics’s dream a reality.

“…none of that matters if we don’t understand the needs of the client…”

“Listen, we can build the best solution with the best tools in the world, but at the end of the day, none of that matters if we don’t understand the needs of the client,” says Aaron. We require a very involved relationship in order to deliver. It requires interaction, it requires work from the client.”

That was no problem for TEAM Clinics. According to Aaron, “the combination of development, technology, an effective project management team, effective communication with the client, and their willingness to lean in all came together to create the synergy that mattered.”

“We’re not experts with 0s and 1s and coding. We have to describe the product we need, and they have to take our words and turn it into something that works.”

“That’s happened. And Clevyr is just really, really good at it.” — Trevor Nutt TEAM Clinics CEO